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Custom ICC Printer Profile - RGB

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Use this product to pre-pay for a custom RGB ICC printer profile.

"Thank you very much for the Custom ICC profile. The service was fantastic and the timely response to my email question was great. Now I have a profile that is clearly superior to the paper manufacturers own profile.

This will certainly save me far more than the profiles cost in wasted paper and ink in trying to get the print to match what I see on the monitor. Not to mention the time it saves me too!"

Read more from our clients in our testimonials page here.

Custom printer profiles are the key to achieving accurate and beautiful color with your printer. Use of custom profiles is essential to getting the very best results out of your equipment, and are likely to be the best investment you ever make in your photographic career - no other single thing will so quickly improve the quality of your work (and save you wasted ink and paper) as an accurate printer profile.

A printer profile is a complete and highly precise description of you printer's behaviour with respect to colour on a certain media. This description is used by Photoshop (or any other profile aware application) to create the best possible translation between your image's colours and the colours your printer can achieve.

With an accurate printer profile, you can also open up the world of accurate soft-proofing. Soft-proofing is when Photoshop uses your profile to create an accurate on screen simulation of your final print. When done properly, and with an accurate profile, it is incredibly accurate and can mean you save lots of ink and paper (and therefore money!)

Full details about this service here.

Instructions for printing your profile targets here.

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