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Turnaround Times for Service Jobs at Image Science
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3rd of May, 2011

Around 95% of jobs are in practise returned within 24 hours of our receiving the fully specified job.  That said, while we generally achieve this turnaround, we do NOT promise to do so.

ur official turnaround time is an estimate of 2-3 business days for all normal size jobs (e.g. 10 prints up to 24" size, 10 scans, 3 profiles). This assumes all media is available etc. - note this is not always in our control and we will alert you if you can expect a delay. 

You should always factor in this full length of time if you are planning to meet a specific deadline and the possibility that occasionally your favourite media might not be immediately available.

If there is going to be any delay beyond this we will let you know when you place your order and can discuss alternative media with you at that time.  Note this is actually very rare in practise but because the materials we use are exotic, and we can occasionally experience spectacularly busy periods (e.g. just before the APPA awards!) - we can only ever promise to do our best rather than give you an absolute guarantee on turnaround times.

Any larger jobs may take longer than this - although generally we get even most of those through quickly.  We will give you an indication of the time/delay when you make your order.  If your job is VERY large, best to contact us first for an estimate and to check we have sufficient materials etc.

In reality our times are generally very fast, and practical working estimates are provided on our home page. You should however always be aware it may take longer than this given internal workflow reasons, and thus plan around the official turnaround times if you are working to a particular deadline.
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