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Choosing a laptop for Photoshop use
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17th of August, 2011

Honestly I am not aware of any one laptop that particularly stands out, although I certainly have come across a few to avoid.

If you're a Mac user, the choice is obvious - a Macbook Pro.  Be aware the screens on Macbooks are really pretty shabby and the price to performance ratio is often much less good than in the PC world (although the March 2011 refresh is actually very good value), and the hardware IS very nice in all - it's just a shame about those awful screens.  The Macbook Airs are ok for light work but do tend to struggle on bigger files/libraries.  Oddly the Macbook Air screens tend to be better than the Macbook Pros, but still pretty low end from a colour point of view.

My personal preference on the PC side is for Asus laptops, for an imaging & general quality point of view.  Lenovo Thinkpads are very good too.   Look for a model with the best screen option (preferably not LED backlit as this tends to decrease colour accuracy - ideally the panel is IPS or at least SPVA, NOT a TN panel). 

The laptop should definitely run off an SSD, and as of February 2011 have a Sandy Bridge i5 or i7 processor.   I think only Lenovo (used to be IBM) and Asus do IPS screens.  If there are any currently available, they will be targeted at 'creative professionals'.  Windows 7 64 bit is the obvious choice, and 3D graphics acceleration makes Photoshop a LOT nicer to use, so it's worth looking for a decent video chipset as well.

*** EDIT- looks like Lenovo are bringing an IPS powerhouse back in to their line up soon - http://www.engadget.com/2011/03/07/lenovo-posts-thinkpad-x220-specs-online-includes-ips-display-s/ - this is likely to be the best option once available although the screen is small and LED backlit so it's definitely not perfect.

Of course, get as much ram as you can afford. 

Those are the key things.  Obviously a custom desktop would be the best option form a sheer power/price perspective, but laptops these days are really pretty effective as well.
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