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Getting support for SpectraView 2
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19th of March, 2012

Issues with SpectraView 2 are fairly rare, but they do happen.  Most seem to come from failures in the direct video card to monitor communication (DDC) system.

The first thing to do, if you've run into an error, is to try updating your video card drivers to the very latest version - this cleans up a lot of potential problems with the monitor communication (DDC) system.  Even with an up to date AT video card and relatively recent drivers, we needed to do this here to get the latest PA monitors working properly with SpectraView 2.

Also, you should upgrade to the very latest version of SpectraView 2 - notes on obtaining this are here.

You should also consult the ReadMe file that came with your SpectraView 2 for any notes relevant to your situation (also available here).

If SpectraView can not detect your calibrator, make sure that the calibrator is being detected properly by your system (see Device Manager on Windows).  You may need to manually update your driver using the drivers supplied (in the SpetcraView installation folder, usually C:\Program Files\NEC Display Solutions\Drivers) - Notes for Windows 7/Vista here.  Notes for XP  here

Once you've checked all that, reboot your machine and try again - most problems will have disappeared at this point in our experience.

For further information regarding Spectraview II, take a look at the FAQ section on the NEC website.

If at this point you are still having issues, then:
  • If it is a hardware/connection type issue (SV2 crashes, can'y find your monitor or calibrator) - please contact the official NEC SpectraView support channel - spectraview.support@nec.com.au
  • If it is a 'how do I do this' issue - please send your query to us using this page.
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