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Published: October 5th, 2011 by Jeremy Daalder

SpectraView II now supports the fantastic i1Display Pro!

OK folks – the moment we have been waiting for is here – I don’t think the official downloads are at the NEC Site just yet, but SV 1.1.09 is available (I’m told you can get it via the in-built ‘check for updates’ feature, but I got mine direct as a preview from the very helpful Will Hollingsworth at NEC after helping him with testing a tricky issue with MultiProfiler).  If the check for updates feature doesn’t yet work, you can expect to see the update on the main site soon I am sure.  Certainly it’s already being talked about on forums by Will so that’s as official as we need I think – he told me originally the release would be later in October but since he’s publicly telling people to check for the update that must mean it is generally available now.

I’ve had it for a little while now and we’re using it on our NEC monitors here with great success (PA271w, P221W and an older SpectraView Reference 3090).  I’ve used the PC version and just this morning tried the Mac version – no problems with either of them.

SpectraView 2 is now officially compatible with the X-Rite i1Display Pro (V 1.1.09 and above) – if you are an NEC owner we *strongly* recommend you upgrade to this calibration combination.  These new sensors were actually built specifically with the NEC PA series in mind (the wide gamut calibration calculations were apparently based directly on the PA series) – and our own testing indicates no other sensor comes close to this one in accurately measuring your PA series display.  This means a much better calibration, particularly with respect to neutrals AND the wider gamut tones.  The result is a very good looking monitor indeed.

(Remember this Friday is the last day of the big NEC monitor special so if you haven’t bought one yet – don’t delay!!




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